IT & Software Asset Management Advisory & Managed Services

ITAMS can assist you in the following areas, helping you to mitigate any challenges and uncover any opportunities:


  • Cloud Migration
  • Automation
  • GDPR
  • Outsourcing
  • Asset Optimisation

Software Licence Management

  • Cloud Migration
  • Software Audit Threat
  • Renewal/Negotiation
  • Service Design

Project Support

  • Specialist Skills
  • Tool Deployment
  • Service Design
  • Process Enhancement

Licence Management Tools

  • Selection RFI/RFP
  • Tool Deployment
  • Ongoing Support Services
  • Data Services

Data Quality & Handling

  • CMDB
  • Asset Status
  • Contract Entitlement
  • Vendor Scripting
  • Leveraging Vendor Tools

Procurement Support

  • Renegotiation
  • Audit
  • Licensing Specialisms
  • Selection RFI/RFP

Explore What We Do

Understand & Advise

Our aim is to understand what issues you are facing, what your requirements are and work with you to find the best solution for your organisation.
Our consultants are highly experienced and able to provide confidential, pragmatic advice and support.

Design & Implement

We can help you to design and implement IT Asset Management projects, helping to plan the key steps required to move from current working practices to a new yet carefully planned transition on-going practice.

Manage & Maintain

We work with you to tailor the service and how it is delivered to suit your specific requirements.
Whether this is a standalone advisory service or an end-to-end solution.


October 2018 Newsletter
In this issue: Licensing in the Cloud and Shadow IT, Software as a Service (SaaS) and our latest training dates!


Licensing in the Cloud and Shadow IT
With the market dynamics changing quite drastically, cloud delivered / SaaS Software Asset Management is becoming increasingly more important.


ITAMS_SaaS Management Service
The very reasons that make SaaS attractive conversely are the areas that give rise to the biggest concerns. It is…

Case Studies

Global Energy Company

Deployment of a global Licensing Serviceline and subsequent delivery of on-going large scale SAM managed services. This engagement included initial …

UK Bank

End-to-end Licence Management services from specification to operation. Phase 1 included delivery of a workshop, defining business, technical and functional requirement …

Software Vendor Risk Assessment

A global motor manufacturer asked ITAMS to assist in identifying potential future audit risks from software publishers. With an annual …

Outsourcer Engagement

A ~100,000 seat global manufacturing Client requested ITAMS assistance in tailoring, mobilising and optimising the SAM service that was loosely …

Public Sector Organisation

Troubleshooting an existing licence management service, new automation and serviceline re-design. This programme commenced with troubleshooting an existing licence management …

Case Study: Configuration Management Optimisation

IT Configuration Management is a process for establishing and maintaining information around the performance, functional and physical attributes of hardware assets…

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