IT & Software Asset Management Advisory & Managed Services

Why compromise on skills when this could have a fundamental impact on the
success of your SAM/ITAM programme, putting your organisation at risk.
Utilise ITAMS’ existing pool of resources to support your team!

  • Niche SAM/ITAM

As one of the longest established ITAM/SAM service providers on the market we have developed an unrivalled depth of knowledge and supporting intellectual property library which we leverage for our clients. This avoids the scenario where a more general PM or consultant is struggling to learn the subject as he/she delivers compromising outcomes as a result of that learning curve.

  • Licensing Skills

Our team, coupled with our knowledgebases, are able to maintain the breadth of licensing knowledge needed for key projects, audits and renegotiations. This covers the vast majority of primary vendors on the market.

  • Depth & Availability

We can assign the right seniority and depth of skills to your project or to support BAU operations in SAM and ITAM, avoiding the need to compromise by assigning freelance temporary contract staff. Our staff will be available to you again as needed and they are specialists in their field. Why compromise for example with a PM who doesn’t have licensing or SAM experience? Or by using a SAM person for vertical licensing knowledge?


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