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Effective Software Licence Management can provide significant opportunity to reduce costs and risk,
accelerate results and decisions and optimise existing investments in tools and skills.

  • Cloud Migration

Transition to cloud often involves new contracts, new metrics, orphaned assets and new demands on how the agreements are tracked. Lots of room in this for advantage, but also high risk of unnecessary impacts.

  • Software Vendor Audit Threat

Product saturation for the key Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) has driven a huge increase in software licensing audit activity, often in a quite hostile manner. Audit as a process has increased in maturity from these ISVs, requiring a fast, accurate and confident response from end-user organisations. Unfortunately, solid evidential data is often not available quickly and is dependent on some key personnel with historical knowledge of the estate and it’s licensing history. This forces drastically compromised results, unnecessary spend and regularly triggers a repeat of the activity the following year.

  • Renewal & Negotiation

Future use strategy for a given ISV is very complex currently as this requires CTO / Procurement collaboration and a great deal of knowledge of a given ISV’s often changing product / cloud service line-up, both often over a 3+ year future period. This makes renegotiation difficult, though with great opportunities if you understand the ISVs key drivers.

  • SAM & ITAM Service Design

Larger and/or more complex organisations find it very hard to design effective governance models, technical designs and operational models for SAM. In addition, ITAM tends to be embedded in various functions but data sets are disparate, and the ITAM function is not well defined or lined up with the organisations IT Service Management processes. These factors can be addressed via the use of objective external advice. The resulting designs pull together the various parts of the organisation which need to be involved, aligning their purpose and making clear their individual responsibilities.

  • Specialist Training

Training is often not at the top of an IT Manager’s agenda but a lot can be said for investing in your staff to ensure success. ITAMS is the first IAITAM (International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers) authorised training organisation in the UK. We offer both the Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM) and the Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) training courses. Our own expert consultants have also developed specialist licensing courses around the key vendors; Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Find out more about our training here: ITAMS Training Courses.


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