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Kicking off a new project such as transitioning to a new SAM and/or ITAM model, implementing new technology or just enhancing existing processes can be complex, time-consuming and costly. Utilising an experienced service provider to assist can drive real value from the project.

  • Specialist Skills

Transition of SAM and/or ITAM to a new model often affects many areas and processes. Project managers who are competent but have limited knowledge of the typical pitfalls associated with these vertical disciplines will frequently make fundamental mistakes unless they have specialist support. This also applies to technical and process architecture work. Key causes of failure are for example an over focus on the tools aspect of the transition, without the required organisational changes to support it, or the use of independent sole contractors unfamiliar with such broad reaching and subject matter specific projects.

  • Tool Deployment

The core installation of licence repository technology such as Flexera, Snow or Aspera is relatively straightforward. The integrations, data quality and process design to support such technology and make it successful are the hard part. It makes sense to use designs which are tried and tested and much faster to deploy.

  • SAM & ITAM Service Design

Larger and/or more complex organisations find it very hard to design effective governance models, technical designs and operational models for SAM. In addition, ITAM tends to be embedded in various functions but data sets are disparate. The ITAM function is often not well defined or lined up with the organisations IT Service Management processes. These factors can be addressed via the use of objective external advice. The resulting designs pull together the various parts of the organisation which need to be involved, aligning their purpose and making clear their individual responsibilities without the burden of history.

  • Process Enhancement

SAM related processes start with the way governance must work and then incorporate how data is handled, by whom and with what level of empowerment and responsibilities. Upwards of 10+ datasets are required to be effectively managed by these processes, in multiple areas of the business. Enhancement and clarity of the existing processes will always be required to make SAM or ITAM successful.


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