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Without expert knowledge, negotiations with the big software vendors can be tough. Who do you need to speak to, to secure the right software at the best price? ITAMS is here to help you take control of these challenges and turn them into opportunities. Not only to make negotiations easier but also to make buying more efficient and effective.

  • Renegotiation

Getting the right deal for a renewal of volume licence contracts and mitigating outstanding vulnerabilities needs an understanding of the vendor’s drivers, their technology roadmap and your own organisation’s intended future use of the ISV’s software. It also needs an understanding of your organisation’s current licensing position and where this has risk. ITAMS operates on a support, but also an optional risk/reward gainshare basis to get the best deals on the market and has been involved in successful deals in excess of £100M.

  • Audit

Audit presents multiple challenges when it is triggered. Time is short, knowledge of the vendor and interpretation of the data coming from all over the organisation is key to reducing cost and optimising the target organisations position. In larger examples audit becomes a full-fledged project, and it can have multi £M impacts if not handled well. ITAMS provides a range of skills in support of audit threat, including licensing knowledge, PM and technical skills.

  • Licensing Specialisms

Most large procurement departments have software category managers, and some of them have a fair knowledge of some large ISV’s licensing mechanisms. However, there is not a procurement department out there that has all the licensing vertical knowledge for all the software vendors it uses. Specialist licensing skills are frequently needed to complement and support procurement activity.

  • Selection & RFI/RFP

To select the right technology and architectural design for SAM tools in particular is tough unless you know the tools well and are able to assess what the tools capabilities are.
Where new service or tool requirements are being defined, it is useful to get advice from experts who know the market and can help to sharpen and focus the specification, assist with the evaluation, POC and commercial assessment. All of this will speed up the process and ensure you select the best technology for you, first time. ITAMS has extensive knowledge of both street pricing and the reality of vendor functionality, cutting through the fog of tools vendor marketing claims.


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