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It is important to make the right decisions, whether this is selecting a new tool or optimising on an existing investment. It can be difficult to know what to focus on in order to get real value from your investment. Getting the right advice and support throughout this process is vital.

  • Selection & RFI/RFP

To select the right technology and architectural design for SAM tools in particular is tough unless you know the tools well and are able to assess what the tools capabilities are.
Where new service or tool requirements are being defined, it is useful to get advice from experts who know the market and can help to sharpen and focus the specification, assist with the evaluation, POC and commercial assessment. All of this will speed up the process and ensure you select the best technology for you, first time. ITAMS has extensive knowledge of both street pricing and the reality of vendor functionality, cutting through the fog of tools vendor marketing claims.

  • Tool Deployment

The core installation of licence repository technology such as Flexera, Snow or Aspera is relatively straightforward. The integrations, data quality and process design to support such technology and make it successful are the hard part. It makes sense to use designs which are tried and tested and much faster to deploy.

  • Ongoing Support Services

It is becoming increasingly well known that once the tool and processes are deployed there are a variety of specialist support services needed to keep a SAM service productive and efficient. The least of these is technical support for the SAM tool and its environment. The focus should be in areas such as data quality validation, integration monitoring and management, reporting, service compliance and service governance support.

  • Data Services

It is commonly understood that if poor quality or incomplete data is fed into reconciliation engines or licence position calculations the result is often not at all useful. This is particularly the case in large complex datacentre oriented licensing calculations. A tight focus on incoming data, with a true understanding of the gaps in that data are necessary to allow accurate licence positions to be calculated and evidenced at audit. Ensure that your environment metrics, demand data source coverage, virtualisation mapping and golden hardware records are optimised before expecting tools to produce valid ELP calculations!

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