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Data Hub aims to provide true IT value to your organisation by optimising the accuracy of your IT asset data.

What is the Problem with
Data Quality?

   The Issue   

What are the Benefits of Improving
Data Quality?

   The Value   

How do you Improve
Data Quality?

The Solution

Statistically, companies have around only 60% data accuracy. This can result in substantial risk and potentially
additional costs to your organisation, especially when key decisions are being made from inaccurate data.

IT asset data supports a multitude of functions in the business including:

  • Configuration management
  • Outsourcer billing
  • Service desk
  • Refresh
  • Transformation
  • Break fix
  • Patching
  • SAM/audits

It is therefore vital there is complete confidence that this data is true and accurate.

Using data reconciliation techniques, across multiple sources, will ultimately lead to improved data
integrity, processes and confidence – further supporting the business and saving time and money.

Configuration Management Optimisation

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Outsourcer Billing

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‘Golden Record’

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