IT & Software Asset Management Advisory & Managed Services

ITAMS can assist you in the following areas, helping you to mitigate any challenges and uncover any opportunities:


  • Cloud Migration
  • Automation
  • GDPR
  • Outsourcing
  • Asset Optimisation

Software Licence Management

  • Cloud Migration
  • Software Audit Threat
  • Renewal/Negotiation
  • Service Design

Project Support

  • Specialist Skills
  • Tool Deployment
  • Service Design
  • Process Enhancement

Licence Management Tools

  • Selection RFI/RFP
  • Tool Deployment
  • Ongoing Support Services
  • Data Services

Data Quality & Handling

  • CMDB
  • Asset Status
  • Contract Entitlement
  • Vendor Scripting
  • Leveraging Vendor Tools

Procurement Support

  • Renegotiation
  • Audit
  • Licensing Specialisms
  • Selection RFI/RFP

Explore What We Do

Advisory Services

These are a modular set of high value, low cost, short term engagements to assist with challenges around IT Asset or Licence Management.

Project/Managed Services

We help reduce the costs and risks associated with the ownership and management of enterprise IT hardware and software licence assets.

GEAR 1 – Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service

Introducing GEAR 1 – a new service specially developed to translate Oracle Database Review Lite script outputs into easy to read reports.

Data Hub – IT Asset Data Reconciliation Service

Data Hub aims to provide true IT value to your organisation by optimising the accuracy of your IT asset data.

Licensing Hub

Licensing Hub is a portal for invaluable licensing information, advice and services for end-user IT and software licence management professionals.

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