IT & Software Asset Management Advisory & Managed Services

ITAMS can assist you in the following areas, helping you to mitigate any challenges and uncover any opportunities:


  • Cloud Migration
  • Automation
  • GDPR
  • Outsourcing
  • Asset Optimisation

Software Licence Management

  • Cloud Migration
  • Software Audit Threat
  • Renewal/Negotiation
  • Service Design

Project Support

  • Specialist Skills
  • Tool Deployment
  • Service Design
  • Process Enhancement

Licence Management Tools

  • Selection RFI/RFP
  • Tool Deployment
  • Ongoing Support Services
  • Data Services

Data Quality & Handling

  • CMDB
  • Asset Status
  • Contract Entitlement
  • Vendor Scripting
  • Leveraging Vendor Tools

Procurement Support

  • Renegotiation
  • Audit
  • Licensing Specialisms
  • Selection RFI/RFP

Explore What We Do

Advisory Services

These are a modular set of high value, low cost, short term engagements to assist with challenges around IT Asset or Licence Management.

Project/Managed Services

We help reduce the costs and risks associated with the ownership and management of enterprise IT hardware and software licence assets.

Training Courses

We are able to offer the following courses onsite at our Training Centre or alternatively off-site on client location for large groups.

GEAR 1 – Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service

Introducing GEAR 1 – a new service specially developed to translate Oracle Database Review Lite script outputs into easy to read reports.

Data Hub – IT Asset Data Reconciliation Service

Data Hub aims to provide true IT value to your organisation by optimising the accuracy of your IT asset data.

Licensing Hub

Licensing Hub is a portal for invaluable licensing information, advice and services for end-user IT and software licence management professionals.

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