End-to-end Licence Management services from specification to operation.

Phase 1 included delivery of a workshop, defining business, technical and functional requirement and dash-boarding priorities. This moved on into architecture and process design, definition of service and staff roles, and then delivering training.

Phase 2 specified technology for licence repository and workflow.

ITAMS provided, deployed and configured this technology. The solution integrated SMS/SCCM discovery and usage data. A newly defined licence process integrated processes and data flows, assisting the customer to build a new department comprising IT and purchasing staff to operate the capability.

Systems administration and licence clearing staff were provided for the first year whilst the department was formed. On-going full technical and data services were provided for the customer in support of this capability.

This customer recognised more than a 350% ROI in the first year of operation in tangible savings and direct cost avoidance, together with substantial associated risk avoidance.