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The Importance of Managing Data Quality Effectively for IT Asset Management

Let’s face it, there are many challenges and hurdles to jump over when it comes to setting up, maintaining and maturing the IT Asset Management (ITAM) service within an organisation.

What causes the biggest issue? Is it the lack of resources, processes, policies or centralised technology?

Don’t get me wrong, all these components play a significant role in supporting effective management of your ITAM services and the compliance of IT assets. However, regarded as one of the biggest issues and one of the most important components to manage is ‘data quality’ of hardware and software assets.

Data quality of software contract and purchase invoice data, along with data quality of hardware and software inventory data is hard to knock off the top of the charts for importance, especially when you look at the benefits it can produce when it is effectively managed.

Data quality plays a significant role in enabling the ITAM team to produce accurate compliance reports for their hardware and software. Understanding and respecting its importance is necessary to ensure it receives the required attention from all those concerned, even more so for complex IT environments with a range of data sources in scope.

Some of the benefits of managing effective data quality include:

  • Improving coverage, quantity and quality of ‘active’ software purchase and consumption data to support accurate audit reporting;
  • Providing a ‘golden record’ view of hardware assets within complex IT environments, giving you confidence in your deployment inventory data;
  • Increasing the percentage of automatic recognition, reconciliation and modelling of software for compliance calculations;
  • Delivering more accurate results to support software and hardware contract renewals;
  • Increasing utilisation opportunities for hardware outsource billing, allowing for cost-saving or cost-avoidance;
  • Enhancing data for software internal recharging within an organisation, allowing different areas of the business to budget correctly.

In conclusion, it is important to take data seriously and constantly work on improving the quality of data as, at the end of the day, it has a major influence on the accuracy of outputs to ITAM services. Quality data and accurate reporting can provide significant cost-saving and cost-avoidance opportunities and help to reduce your organisation’s overall risk.

However, it is important not to forget the other components such as resources, processes, policies and technology. All components must be in place and managed effectively in order to maintain a successful ITAM service.

If you have a question regarding any of the points raised, would like more information on ‘Data Hub’ our IT Asset Data Reconciliation Service, a demonstration of the capabilities of the service or to investigate a no risk no fee engagement, please call ITAMS on +44 (0)1582 464740 or email your enquiry to

For further information on managing IT Asset Data Quality please visit:  Data Hub

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