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Enterprise Licence Management (ELM 360)

ELM 360 Service Components

The ELM 360 service leverages the specialist intellectual property results from over a decade of experience, matured through several very large projects.

The modular nature of the service means that we can successfully transition you from initiation/project phase through to Business as Usual (BAU) and then to long term management. This is done by scoping out a service bespoke to your requirements and marrying our expertise with your internal resources and capabilities.

Advisory Services

To kick-start any licence management project, our clients initially engage with us via an Advisory Service. The services help pinpoint both immediate and long term issues arising from daily operations and the challenges of managing software assets and licences.

Advisory Services are high value, low cost, short term engagements which allow you to select one or several services to accommodate your individual budgetary and organisational requirements.

Tactical Advisory Services

Tactical Advisory Services address immediate licensing issues arising from daily operations.

  • Audit defence
  • Licence Optimisation
  • Getting a better deal from vendors
  • Implementing SAM best practice
  • Addressing internal licensing enquiries.

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory services help to establish long term goals and roadmap.

  • Identifying SAM service gaps
  • Assessing risk and potential financial impact
  • Building a SAM Business Case
  • Sharing service responsibility across the organisation
  • Creating policies and minimum codes of practice.

Transition Management

If you have already made an assessment of you requirements and need assistance with implementing your project, transition services can help you plan the key steps required to move from current working practices to a new yet carefully planned transition on-going practice.

The main objectives of the transition service are to:

  • Assess the suitability of existing technologies or use ITAMS’ core licence repository and workflow engine.
  • Decide how the service will be delivered: on-/off-premise or through the cloud.
  • Identify any technology and resourcing gaps.
  • Plan when and how technologies are deployed.
  • Identify any requirements for knowledge replenishment, transfer or additional training.
  • Design a schedule for onboarding data and service agreements and the processes involved to achieve Business as Usual (BAU).

BAU Services

Our collaborative approach aims to transition clients to a BAU Service quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring existing capabilities and resources marry seamlessly into long term management.

Although the BAU service can be implemented as a standalone service it can include some of the service components from transition management. In particular the technical, data and onboarding components. Other components such as SAM Operations and Service Control provide help and advice on key decisions regarding your Licensing Strategy moving forward.

Service Components

ELM 360 Licence Management Model


Get in-scope vendors ready for BAU

  • Reach an Effective Licence Position (ELP)
  • Identifies in-scope vendors, contracts or products and collates both historical and current entitlement data
  • Integrates external data sources, uploads and models manual data into the licensing engine where required
  • Set guidelines for on-going management and scope using SAM Operations.

Technical Services

Ensure technology is fully operational

  • Hosting, operating and supporting any applications key to the service
  • Maintaining and managing upgrades, updates and integrations
  • Co-ordinating any significant changes to the applications, providing systems administration capabilities if required.

Data Services

Data MOT – ready for licensing repository

  • End-to-end capability for managing the core licence repository and the data within it, underpinned by strong information management engine
  • Key services to ensure data is processed, cleansed and normalised, ready for upload into the licensing repository
  • Software recognition, licence clearing and custom report building services included.

SAM Operations

Flexible options for running SAM

  • Administrative operation is required when a shared service is not provided to clients. It focuses on co-ordination and daily operations of the service, request fulfilment, managing licensing data, generating reports
  • Licensing operation is not requited if using expertise external to the service but required for direct contractual licensing and budgetary responsibilities in impromptu audit scenarios, purchase, renewal, chargeback and cost allocation scenarios.

Service Control

Services managed by ITAMS or by You

  • ITAMS manages SLAs/SLTs, deals with commercial matters, any service change, client or project escalations, and ensures the quality of day-to-day services, staff management and delivery co-ordination
  • Client manages key tasks such as systems and processes, service compliance, onboarding or any outsourced service control.

Decision Making

Long term advice and mentoring available

  • On-going help and advice is at hand once all stages of the ITAMS service are in place and full working order
  • Includes key decision making regarding technology, licensing strategies, spend approval and procurement, audit defence and renegotiation of licensing agreements and contracts etc.

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