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Enterprise Licence Management (ELM 360)

A Proven Approach to Software Licence Management

ITAMS’ Enterprise Licence Management 360 service (ELM 360), offers a unique yet proven approach to reducing risk and cost and managing software entitlement across large and complex enterprises.

The increasing complexity of software licensing agreements, coupled with continually changing organisational structures and increasing vendor audit pressure, has highlighted significant challenges for IT, procurement and finance professionals when managing the cost, contractual and legal obligations associated with purchasing and deploying software licences.

World Class Technology & Services

ELM 360 is a portfolio of end-to-end services which help enterprises design, implement and maintain a mature software licence management function. Each service is modular based and designed to fill in the gaps rather than re-invent the wheel.

ELM 360 focuses on data quality, ongoing operation and governance but not tooling. The services can be tailored and delivered to suit the specific needs of the business, and engagement can be from advice to full outsource.

Whether you choose a data cleansing service or a fully-fledged licence management service, be assured that you are armed with the right information and processes in-house to effectively run and manage a slick licensing operation. Our hands-on approach, underpinned by revolutionary catalogue-centric technology, powered by Aspera SmartTrack, has helped many organisations gain a fast-track to reducing corporate risk and cost, as well as to alleviate resource and time constraints.

At a glance
  • Run effective governance and minimum code of practice for SAM.
  • Deal with vendor audit threat using facts, and minimise impacts.
  • Optimise your contract renewals with software vendors.
  • Properly handle the complexity and detailed audit trail of licence and software use.
  • Optionally, leverage ITAMS’ own licence management engine as required.

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Aspera SmartTrack is recommended in situations where clients do not have a suitable engine, which can deliver the necessary intelligence and automation required to optimise their current licence management requirements.

Collaborative Approach

The foundation for effective licence management is good quality data. Without this it is difficult to effectively manage your licensing operation and successfully derive an accurate licensing position. Maintaining good quality data particularly in larger organisations has become increasingly challenging with multiple-sites, complex networks and decentralised IT and purchasing functions adding to the mix.

ITAMS’ shared service model helps to overcome these difficulties by ensuring that your licensing efforts are optimised. We work with you to scope the service to fulfill your exact requirements, budgets and organisational structure.

You Choose

  • How the service is crafted and which service components you would like to include. Whether the service you require is based on just pure data cleansing and normalisation, a quarterly licensing report or a full licence management service.
  • The degree to which you control budgets and make key decisions regarding vendors, contracts or products and the level of involvement from our licensing specialists.
  • To integrate your existing discovery and licensing toolsets (if suitable) or use ITAMS’ best of breed technology.
  • How the service is delivered, on- or off-site or a combination of both to complement your own in-house operations team.

Key Components