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Oracle Licence Management


ITAMS’ Enterprise Licence Management 360 (ELM 360) Services for Oracle ® help to reduce the complexity of managing your Oracle estate.

The service is divided into three phases: Advisory; Transition and BAU services and then defined into specific modular services. A structured approach helps Oracle customers to quickly pinpoint priority areas.

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Advisory Services are a series of low cost, high value, short term engagements. Choose from one or several services to help you assess and plan for any aspect of your licence management project for Oracle. These services can also be tailored to your requirements.

If you require specific help then please contact us.

At a Glance

  • High value, low cost, short term engagements.
  • Expert, objective advice and recommendations.
  • Tackle immediate or long-term challenges.
  • Select from one or several services to suit your requirements.
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  • Compliance Risk Assessment for Oracle
    A brief compliance risk assessment to determine the likely issues and risk profile associated with Oracle products and families.

  • Licensing Capability Maturity Assessment for Oracle
    A detailed analysis of problems arising from data quality, technology, ISO1970 processes or skills which may be creating Oracle-related licensing risk. This exercise is a precursor to designing either a future service to improve current capabilities, which may also include other vendors, or a tailored vertical solution.

  • Service Design & Future Mode of Operation for Oracle
    Defines the future state of the Oracle service, how it will be delivered and how the organisation will ensure it remains in control of its Oracle licensing risk and compliance positions. The Service Design advisory for Oracle will take into account: scoping; future mode of operation; roadmap and ROI assessments.


Transition services enable you to move from current working practices to the newly developed Service-Line for Oracle. ITAMS’ consultants provide assistance with implementing your Oracle project from tool transition, ELPs, process changes to governance, training and resourcing.

If you require specific help then please contact us.

  • Personnel, Skills & Training
    This service involves the formation and organisational design of the licensing service delivery team for Oracle and the skills and roles required to run and support it. Using a combination of classroom certified training and knowledge transfer to prepare staff for their role(s) the service will also include onboarding external service providers who will play a part in the delivery of the future service.

  • Training
    The provision of training on standards, compliance, tools, licensing contracts and metrics and SAM processes as required to support the management of Oracle Licensing.

At a Glance

  • Maintain an optimal licence compliance position for Oracle and mitigate unforeseen risk and the cost of ownership
  • Enhance your knowledge and understanding of Oracle contracts and agreements and negotiate better with Oracle.
  • Ensure you have the right skills and roles in place to deliver licensing services for Oracle.
  • Ensure your technology is able to extract the correct intelligence on your Oracle estate.
  • Implement a governance and process change framework for effective on-going licence management for Oracle .
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  • Effective Licence Positions (ELP) Reporting for Oracle
    • Validated Compliance Report (Audit Preparation)
    A standalone service designed to provide support for a one- time event such as a contract renewal or audit. Useful for clients who do not have a clear picture of their compliance position and where empirical proof of purchase data is to be used. The ELP will highlight where client data is insufficient to determine compliance. The results can be used to re-baseline a full service.
    • Basic Compliance Report (Internal Assessment)
    Similar to the Validated Compliance Report but based on trusted data provided by the client which has not been proven against proof of purchase.

  • Measurement & Usage Technologies for Oracle
    • Discovery
    This service ensures that existing Discovery tools are able to track Oracle product usage. Deployment of authorised scripts from Oracle or manual templates may be used where data collection is impossible to automate.
    • Licence Reconciliation Engine service
    This service provides a licence repository to hold, manage and reconcile licensing contract, entitlement and demand data from which compliance reports are generated. This is available as a hosted or an on premise deployment, using either ITAMS’ technology or the client’s own tools.

  • Licence Operations Process Design for Oracle
    The definition and implementation of required changes relating to processes core to licence management for Oracle (e.g. request management, deployment, recovery, chargeback/cost allocation, audit response and contract renewal preparation).

  • Governance
    To ensure that licensing for Oracle is effectively managed across the organisation, ITAMS will provide assistance to form and charter a Software Advisory Group (SAG) to take responsibility for policy and risk management of Oracle (and other software vendor) licensing.
    A Licensing Compliance Service may also be put in place to ensure that all minimum practices specified in the policies are being undertaken (per the RACI model) and with escalation capability to the SAG.


ITAMS’ aim is to help transition clients to a collaborative Business As Usual (BAU) licence management service for Oracle quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring existing capabilities and resources marry seamlessly into long term management efforts.

The BAU service can be implemented as a standalone service or can include some of the service components from the transition/project services phase.

If you require specific help then please contact us.

At a Glance

  • Effectively manage the complexity of Oracle metrics & usage and ensure data quality.
  • Reduce risk and understand your Oracle position with regular compliance reporting.
  • Stay in control of your Oracle estate with daily operational management by a skilled team.
  • Generate a greater return on your existing investment by understanding the demand, use and future supply of Oracle licences.
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  • Licence & Contract Clearing for Oracle
    Processing of all new Oracle entitlements and contracts, interpreting, cleansing, uploading and modelling within the licence repository.

  • Compliance Reporting Service (Data Services)
    A compliance ELP reporting service for Oracle products where ITAMS provide all the processing of a client’s raw data and deliver a periodic (normally quarterly) compliance report.

  • Hosted Licence Repository for Oracle
    Delivers a licence repository and reconciliation engine holding modeled Oracle information via a secure internet connection.

  • Licence Desk Service for Oracle
    Helpdesk service for licensing related enquiries relating to Oracle products, delivered as part of an annual service.

  • Benchmarking
    External periodic validation of minimum Oracle practices benchmarked against the organisation’s RACI model.

  • Licence Operations
    A service providing the skilled team required to manage the day to day operational aspects of licence management, including data cleansing, data entry, reporting, licence pooling, cross-charging etc.

  • Software Recognition
    A service providing continual cleansing and optimisation of discovery and software usage data, aligning it with licensed products within the licence repository.

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