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Licence Management Services for Oracle


ITAMS’ Enterprise Licence Management 360 (ELM 360) Services for Oracle ® brings clarity and a 360° approach to effectively managing your Oracle estate.

Oracle is reported to be the largest enterprise software vendor with 40%+ of its revenue generated from support and maintenance (S&M). Aggressively protecting this revenue stream continues to be its primary focus.

Widely regarded as one of the most difficult transactional vendors to work with, Oracle customers are facing even greater challenges with managing their licence estates due to the high complexity in licensing and lack of clarity in licensing agreements and S&M contracts.

ELM 360 Services for Oracle

To help users wade through the complexity and tackle on-going Oracle compliance challenges, ITAMS has developed a series of highly flexible, modular services for Oracle licence management. These are independent from Oracle and delivered by a team of ex-Oracle employees who will use their specialist skills to highlight areas of risk and opportunity.

The services cover a wide range of needs from advice to full outsource, that can be finely-tuned to match your level of Oracle maturity, internal resources, capabilities and priorities. Using best practice methodologies and underpinned by ITAMS’ licence management engine (if required), ITAMS will help you reduce complexity, minimise risk and control the costs of your Oracle investment.

Whether you are facing an audit threat, need help understanding your ULAs or are looking to implement a governance strategy, ITAMS’ ELM 360 Services for Oracle will provide expert guidance and resources to help you get in control of your Oracle estate.

As with ITAMS’ ELM 360 and ALM 360 managed services, ELM 360 Services for Oracle focus on three key areas: Advisory; Transition and BAU services

Service Benefits

  • Effectively handle the complexity of Oracle licence management and software use.
  • Understand Oracle audit trails and be audit-ready, with facts, to minimise risk.
  • Optimise your Oracle contract renewals.
  • Implement an effective governance and minimum code of practice for Oracle licence management.
  • Leverage ITAMS’ best practice methodologies and licence management engine as required.
  • Tap into expertise from ex-Oracle consultants with a deep knowledge of licensing practices.
  • Make savings on recruitment and training of Oracle expertise.


A series of licence management focused advisory services for Oracle aimed at helping you spot risk areas, assess capability and define and scope service design.

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Assistance with implementing your Oracle project, from ELPs, tool transition, process changes, to governance, training and resourcing.

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Collaborative services to transition clients to a Business as Usual (BAU) service for ongoing Oracle licence management.

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ITAMS Resourcing

Specialist Licence Management Training Courses for Oracle for beginners and experienced licence managers.

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