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Tactical Advisory Services

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Tactical Advisory Services

Tackle immediate IT asset and software licensing challenges.

Tactical Advisory Services enable organisations to address immediate asset and licensing issues arising from daily IT operations.

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Facing a vendor audit?

The Audit Defence Advisory offers two types of services to those clients facing a vendor audit:

  • Managing Audit Risk and Minimising Data and Financial Exposure
    Assistance is given throughout an audit engagement, from scoping and timing the initial negotiation and preparing and reviewing data, to drafting an Effective Licence Position (ELP) validation and negotiating a settlement.
  • Settlement Negotiations
    Reduce financial loss, identify false positives and mitigate circumstances to reduce liability by re-validating ELPs generated by third party auditors or the vendor. Get help with negotiating the treatment of liabilities and agree payments in line with corporate budget plans.

Recycling or substituting licences to reduce costs?

  • Licence Optimisation Advisory
    This advisory aims to optimise ELPs for top vendors. It reviews ELPs generated and seeks to improve data quality and accuracy of the ELP report. Licence recycling / substitution and maintenance termination opportunities are also identified to increase the licence utilisation ratio and reduce costs.
  • Licence Strategy Advisory
    Having the right licence entitlement will ensure you mitigate potential risk and reduce over spending on licences that are not required by the business. This advisory will help you align licensing strategy to IT and business growth strategy for long term business return.

How do I get a better deal from my vendors?

  • Contract Renewal and Renegotiation Support
    Prevent maintenance overcharge and select the most appropriate contract terms to maximise value from your vendors. By performing a contract review and scenario analysis, identify any orphaned maintenance payment streams. The service will also provide advice and assistance in contract negotiations.

How can I implement ITAM/SAM best practice?

  • Best Practice Advisory
    This 2-day workshop will help train IT staff on the latest ITAM/SAM standards and best practices and will provide specific discovery and licence management tool training and support. Alternatively, ITAMS also offers internationally recognised IAITAM training courses.

How can I address vendor specific licensing queries?

  • ELM360 Licence Service Desk
    A cost-effective way to address all licensing queries raised within your organisation is via a service desk function. Our team will help you build first line support to deal with daily licensing queries.