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Build an effective IT asset and software licence management strategy and roadmap.

Strategic Advisory Services address the long term challenges of IT asset and software licence management.

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    Where are the GAPs in my ITAM/SAM service?

    The following services will enable you to identify gaps in three key areas which could have a potential impact on your ITAM/SAM service:

  • ISO/IEC 19770 – SAM Gap Analysis
    The ISO 19770 GAP Analysis helps you evaluate your organisation’s current SAM processes against the ISO/IEC 19770 SAM framework so you can optimise on or invest in areas which need further improvement or resource.
  • Data Fit For Purpose Testing
    This service performs a high level review of data quality from key data sources. Data quality issues are identified and recommendations made to address any issues.
  • Discovery & Licence Management Tooling Review and Recommendation
    Gaps are identified in software contract/entitlement requirements and existing discovery/usage tracking capabilities. Risks are also highlighted with recommendations on how to address the findings and fulfill any discovery capabilities required.

How big is the risk & financial impact?

  • Software Contract & Entitlement Review
    This service performs a high level review of all existing contracts and entitlement records to produce a Summary of Licence Inventory (SLI) and total software assets owned.
  • Vendor Risk & Financial Exposure Assessment
    Data from the SLI is applied to the ELM 360 Vendor Intelligence Engine (EVIE™), to compile a Summary of Financial Risk Exposure for Software Licences (SFRE). The SFRE helps you pinpoint and understand the size and nature of any financial risks emanating from software assets in your environment so you can make informed decisions to mitigate them.

What is the return if I address this?

  • Business Case
    The SAM Service Business Case helps to generate a cost-benefit analysis and justification for establishing SAM service capabilities for the business. It clearly highlights SAM objectives and ROI, and assists IT in obtaining budget approval for implementing SAM.

What do I need to fix this and how do I fix it?

  • Scoping & Roadmap Design
    This advisory evaluates your organisation’s current SAM servicing capabilities (processes, technology, staff skills and resources) and identifies the scope, requirements and KPIs for the future state of your SAM service.

How should service responsibility be shared?

  • Service Compliance & ServiceLine Design
    A clearly defined SAM ServiceLine will facilitate the delivery of effective licence management services. Help will be provided to define specific roles, responsibilities, skill requirements and practices for each individual and business unit involved in the ServiceLine.

What is the minimum code of practice I need?

  • Policy & Practices Advisory
    This advisory will help to define the Minimum Code of Practice (MCoP) for all central and business unit IT staff in order to maintain licence compliance for in-scope software assets.
  • Governance Advisory
    A review of the existing governance framework will be undertaken or design of a new governance framework created to ensure compliance of the future SAM service. If required, participants will be carefully chosen for the Advisory Group to oversee the SAM service implementation programme, ensure continuous commitment (from various part of the business) based on the MCoP defined.