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ITAMS Advisory Services

ITAMS’ Advisory Services have been specifically designed to assist organisations navigate through the complexities of managing IT assets and software licences.

ITAMS’ Advisory Services are high value, low cost, short term engagements that are vendor and service provider agnostic and flexible in nature. They aim to meet the challenges our clients face which may be actively driven out of organisational change initiatives (e.g. asset optimisation or cost reduction programmes), or passively triggered by on-going licensing related activities (e.g. vendor audits, contract re-negotiation or changes to regulatory requirements).

A range of Advisory Services are available which allow you to to select one or several services to accommodate your individual budgetary and organisational requirements. ITAMS’ Advisory Services have been divided into two types:

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At a Glance
  • High value, low cost, short term engagements
  • Tackle immediate or long-term challenges
  • Expert, objective advice and recommendations
  • Forms one part of a series of impartial and modular services.
Tactical Advisory Services
Strategic Advisory Services

Key Challenges

The most common challenges faced by our clients are:

  • Requirement Definition – identifying what the problems are and where and understanding what needs to be done to resolve them.
  • Readiness & Roadmap – defining the scope of the problem/task and defining how best to approach it.
  • Policies, roles & responsibilities – identifying a common standard and processes to help improve current practices.
  • Future state of best practice – identifying current practices and planning change with minimum disruption to daily operations.


By helping you to align and benchmark current practices with operational, governance and industry best practice, the services offer pragmatic solutions that deliver real value. ITAMS Advisory Services help you:

  • Reduce costs – taking greater control of IT expenditure, by lowering the cost of ownership through optimising the investment in existing assets and resources; and by proactively planning for future events (such as licence renewals and contract re-negotiations), budgets and facilitating recharging & cost allocation activities.
  • Minimise risk – establishing and implementing a governance framework for IT practitioners, to drive out common standards and minimum code of practice in order to mitigate any unforeseen risks to the business.
  • Maximise operational efficiencies – ensuring that assets are managed appropriately with the right tools, resources and processes in place, and mapped closely to the actual needs of the business.

All services are delivered by our team of highly experienced consultants who have over the past decade successfully designed, implemented and managed services for IT and software asset management in the worlds’ largest enterprises.

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