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Defuse Software Licence Time Bombs With Software Asset Management

Defuse Software Licence Time Bombs With Software Asset Management

Forrester Research Report

Forrester Research Report

By George Lawrie
  • Is there a software time bomb buried deep in the foundations of your organisation?
  • Are you armed with the right skills to defuse it?

As large organisations continue to place critical reliance on software applications and tools, they are becoming progressively anxious about being subjected to multiple software audits from increasingly vigilant software vendors.

Faced with the challenges of ensuring that they neither over-provision nor risk failure to comply with the growing complexity of software licence and entitlement terms, Forrester’s report on “Defuse Software Licence Time Bombs With Software Asset Management” advises how organisations can avoid detonating the software time bomb by following a few simple steps.

The report looks at how to radically reduce risk, simplify processes to pool licence entitlements, ensure compliance at all times in line with contractual obligations and realise a more effective return on software investments.

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