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The Oracle ULA – Benefit or Risk?

The Oracle Unlimited Licence Agreements (ULAs) – Benefit or Risk?

What you need to know

The Oracle ULA is generally offered to larger customers as a convenient option to purchasing unlimited licences for a pre-defined list of products for a limited term and for an up-front fee.

However, before you sign on the dotted line, do you fully understand what you are signing up to? In this webinar Senior Licensing Consultant Anemaria provides a clear overview of ULAs, how Oracle establishes the value of the deal (including discounts and support), the options available on expiry of your ULA and potential grey areas of risk. She concludes with key tips on what you need to do.

Duration: 35 minutes

About the Presenter

Anemaria Alecu recently joined ITAMS as a Senior Licensing Consultant. Previously Anemaria worked for the Oracle Licence Management Services (LMS) department for over 4 years as a consultant, dealing with ULA agreements and advising customers on Oracle’s Certification/Renewal Process.

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This webinar is suitable for IT, procurement, and licensing professionals involved in the management of Oracle licences, audits and negotiating contracts.

About the “What you Need to Know” Series

ITAMS’ “What you need to know” series of webinars aims to provide end-users with no-nonsense facts and advice about key issues on IT and software asset management. If there is a topic you would like us to cover then please email:

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