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Oracle audits

Oracle audits – the facts!

Duration: 35 minutes

In this webinar ex-Oracle specialist Adriana Niculae will provide an overview (from Oracle’s perspective) on:

  • How and why Oracle target your organisation for an audit
  • The Auditing Process – typical phases of an audit
  • Audit Preparation – what information Oracle is likely to request
  • Gotchas – key areas of confusion and risk
  • Recommendations and next steps

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This webinar is suitable for IT, procurement, and licensing professionals involved in the management of Oracle licences, audits and negotiating contracts.

About Adriana Niculae

Adriana has over 6 years’ experience working as Senior Licensing Consultant in Oracle’s LMS (Licence Management Services) department where she dealt with Oracle agreements (e.g. enterprise agreements, unlimited license agreements). She recently joined ITAMS as Senior Licensing Consultant where she now uses her experience to help ITAMS’ clients understand Oracle policies and effectively manage their Oracle investment.

*NB: This download is only available to end-user organisations.

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An overview of Oracle License Inventory – what you need to know!

About the “What you Need to Know” Series

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