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Managing the relationship with your Service Provider

Part 2: Managing the relationship with your SAM Service Provider

How to manage service contracts and mitigate potential risks.

What you need to know

This webinar recording forms part 2 of 2 and looks at: how to select an appropriate managed service provider, how to manage the relationship and valuable advice on how to manage service contracts and mitigate potential risks.

ITAMS consultants Hugh Skingley and Amin Islam provide advice on:

  • Managing your relationship;
  • Key metrics for measuring performance;
  • Contractual obligations and understanding KPI’s and SLA’s;
  • Defining the service and agreeing lines of responsibility;
  • References and background checks
  • Technical Security, backup and maintenance strategy;
  • Key factors for a success.

Who should download?*

This webinar recording is suitable for IT, procurement, finance and licensing professionals involved in selecting and managing and negotiating contracts with third party organisations.

*NB: This webinar is only open to end-user organisations.

Part 1: Choosing the right SAM Services Provider

When and where to use managed services forlicence management.


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