By Raynet – Paderborn, Germany | Published 5 August 2015

Raynet GmbH, Europe’s leading solution provider and software vendor for software packaging and application lifecycle management products, has agreed upon a mutual partnership with ITAMS (IT Asset Management Solutions), a leading vendor independent IT and software asset management consulting, technology and managed services provider to provide fast and reliable IT asset discovery solutions to ITAMS` current and future customers.

ITAMS is well known for their SAM services, including its ELM 360 (Enterprise Licence Management 360) solution which is underpinned with Aspera´s SmartTrack licence management solution. To improve inventory scan capabilities, ITAMS has decided to form a partnership with Raynet to provide fast and reliable IT asset discovery services for their clientele. Aspera, manufacturers of the SmartTrack also took the decision to recommend RayVentory as their preferred inventory product in 2014. The new ITAMS / Raynet partnership geographically addresses the UK, Ireland and the Nordics.

Raynet´s solution RayVentory is used and recommended by several companies. RayVentory offers comprehensive hardware and software scans, either using an agent or through Zero-Touch agentless technology. It is a web-based solution or USB-pen drive tool which enables the discovery of computer devices, VMware, Hyper-V hosts and Oracle database instances.

‘The new partnership will see Raynet and ITAMS bring a successful solution for comprehensive IT inventory scans to the UK, Ireland and Nordics markets. We are proud to have found a partner such as ITAMS, who shares our view and has the capacity and competence to successfully use RayVentory’, says Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet GmbH, who is also running a branch in Birmingham.

Stephane Jansem, Managing Partner at ITAMS adds, `We are looking forward to working with Raynet and pleased to add RayVentory to our best-of-breed portfolio of IT services and solutions. ´

About Raynet

Raynet GmbH is a leading and innovative service and solution provider in information technology and specialised in the architecture, implementation and operation of all tasks within “Application Lifecycle Management”. Raynet’s Headquarters is in Germany and presently has additional locations throughout Germany, the USA, Poland, UK and the Netherlands.

For over 15 years, Raynet has supported hundreds of customers and partners with its products and solutions for enterprise application management projects worldwide. These include licence management, software packaging, software deployment, migrations, client engineering and much more. Additionally, Raynet maintains and cultivates strong partnerships with leading companies in Application Lifecycle Management.

Raynet products and solutions are unique in design and functionality. Their development is highly driven by our customers and partners who play a big role in the development of our products and are a key reason why our products are always cutting edge. Whether you want to introduce a new deployment tool or to start a SAM project, whether you want to plan a packaging factory or do a migration – Raynet is the choice for best-of-breed-practices in services, products, and solutions for Application Lifecycle Management.

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Established in 2002, IT Asset Management Solutions (ITAMS) is a UK vendor independent, IT and software asset management consulting and technology company; and managed services provider.
ITAMS was formed to assist corporate, government and IT service provider organisations to reduce the cost and risks associated with IT hardware and software licence assets.

ITAMS ELM 360 (Enterprise Licence Management 360) solution offers a unique yet proven approach to reducing the risk and cost of managing software entitlement across large and complex enterprises. It is an end-to-end portfolio of services helping enterprises design, implement and maintain a mature software licence management function.

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