Many enterprise organisations rely on Oracle products to run their businesses.

With Oracle’s complex and constantly changing licence rules, as well as, the difficulty of discovering Oracle databases/middleware deployed on the network and Datacentres, it can be hard to have complete confidence in your compliance status. This is heightened if Oracle announces an audit.

LMS Review Lite Scripts are Oracle’s endorsed method of collecting data which they use for audit and contract renewals. These scripts are installed on each Oracle Database server and produce many separate files containing reference information on the database instances, their underlying virtual/physical CPU infrastructure and the database option packs deployed and used.

There are several substantial challenges in the use of these scripts though, quite aside from the change and security permissions necessary to get them deployed in the first place.

Collectively, the script outputs contain all the information needed to assess licensing demand for Oracle Database products.

However, the files are effectively not human readable without deep knowledge of Oracle licensing and the scripts themselves.

What are the challenges with the LMS Review Scripts?

  • You don’t feel you want to send the files directly to Oracle, as this gives them complete control and interpretation of your demand position. Yet you must send them, as this is a requirement of the audit.
  • Considerable licensing and technical experience is required to interpret the files manually.
  • A large amount of analyst labour is required to interpret them, especially for larger estates.
  • It takes longer to interpret them than Oracle gives you in an audit situation.
  • You have no ability to optimise your position prior to submission.

Conclusion – GEAR 1 – Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service

ITAMS have developed our GEAR 1 service which utilises in-house technology to process any volume of LMS script outputs quickly and cost-effectively into a human-readable demand statement.

We maintain this technology to enable the interpretation of all versions of the Review Lite scripts. The solution is low cost, highly secure and completely confidential.

You can use this capability on a one-off basis as a service or extend the service to run regular reports from new datasets on an ongoing basis.

This means, that you will know in advance what information Oracle has to work with in preparing their audit position.

Find out more about this service and our other Oracle software licensing services by visiting GEAR 1 for further details or by emailing your enquiry to