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Aspera announces new SmartTrack 4 for Software License Management

ITAMS launches Licensing Hub – online information, advice and services for software licence management

Direct access to centralised software licensing information will become more accessible to all organisations

By ITAMS. Published January 25, 2016

Leading vendor independent, consulting, technology and managed services specialist IT Asset Management Solutions (ITAMS) today announced the launch of Licensing Hub. Licensing Hub is an online repository containing software licence management information with access to impartial advice and services.

The Licensing Hub which is available from today to all end-user organisations, was born from a survey conducted last spring amongst ITAMS’ customers and IT professionals (from predominantly large end-user organisations), involved in managing and purchasing software licences.

Results from the survey highlighted the need for more specific software publisher information held centrally and with quicker access to advice on software licensing. 86% of respondents thought that a combined licensing information, support and services portal could potentially be very useful to their organisation.

Respondents identified the most popular place to find information on software licensing to be software vendor websites followed by search engines. Often key information on licensing models, purchasing options and agreements was difficult to find and understand.

To cater for this demand, the Licensing Hub was created and provides access to three types of information. The first is a Knowledge Base containing software licensing information, IT and software asset management resources and more specific software licensing content by publisher. The second is Licensing Advice, a help-desk providing independent, impartial licensing advice and the third is access to Licensing Services, a store containing advisory services and training which can be booked online.

All users also have the opportunity to discuss their challenges with like-minded professionals and experts in a Forum environment. The Licensing Hub provides free access on registration for end-user organisations only, premium licensing content areas and the Licensing Advice are subject to subscription fees.

ITAMS’ Managing Partner Stephane Jansem comments, “Survey respondents strongly expressed that knowledge and experience of provider combined with quality of service were the two most important factors for end-users looking for a licensing service. I fervently believe that the Licensing Hub delivers these qualities along with high quality content that has been built specifically for users facing the complex task of managing their daily software licensing challenges”.

He continues, “At present the Licensing Hub covers software licensing content on three core software publishers although content is being added on a regular basis. In time we expect this to become a comprehensive portfolio of licensing expertise with specific licensing content on more publishers, making this a valuable software licensing information resource for all end-users.”

To learn more about Licensing Hub and to subscribe, please visit:

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