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May 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Softline-ITAMS Partnership, ITAM Review Conference, Data Quality Reporting & its Relationship to Cost Savings, Gartner Market Guide, events & training!

Join ITAMS & Softline Solutions at the
ITAM Review Annual Conference 2018 – UK

With the market dynamics changing quite drastically, challenges such as migration to the cloud, concurrent use licencing and data quality are now at the forefront of IT & Software Asset Management.

Softline AG and ITAMS continue their growth strategies with affiliate partnership

We are delighted to have found in the Softline Group an international team with deep SAM skills, who are very aligned with our own methods…

Oracle Licensing and ITSM Data Challenges

In this issue: Oracle Licensing Challenge, Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service, ITSM Challenges, IT Asset Data Reconciliation Service…

Software Harvesting, Audit and Licensing Advice

In this issue: Benchmark your SAM position for Software Audits & Renegotiations, Gap Analysis Service, Software Harvesting, Licensing Advice, training & more!

Oracle Licensing, Audits & Data Quality

In this issue: Introducing GEAR 1 – Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service, Audits, Data Quality, Opensource, Freeware & Trialware blogs, new training dates & more!

IT Asset Data Reconciliation

In this issue: Introducing Data Hub – a new approach to IT Asset Data Reconciliation, Data Quality whitepapers, case studies, new training dates & more!

Microsoft Licensing

In this issue: Our new Advanced Licensing for Microsoft training course, blogs on Microsoft Windows Server 2016, ‘Is SAM more aligned to Finance or IT’ and more!

SAM, ELPs & Service Providers

In this issue: Our latest guide ‘Appointing & Managing a SAM Service Provider’, ‘What is an ELP’, ELP Services, ‘The Core Components of SAM’, blogs, training & more!

Merry Christmas from ITAMS!

In this issue: Effective SAM Processes; Scoping & Roadmap Design; Policy, Practice & Governance; Licensing Hub for Microsoft, Oracle & IBM; training & more!

SAM, Software Licensing and BREXIT

In this issue: Benchmark your SAM position for Software Audits & Renegotiations, Tech Leaders Summit, The BREXIT Effect, Gap Analysis Service, training & more!

July 2016 Newsletter

In this issue: ITAM Conference 2016, Cloud Licensing 2016, HAM Services, News, Whitepapers, Training – Summer Special Offer and more!

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