There are many challenges/issues commonly faced within ITSM. Some of these may not even seem to be a problem until you can see the impact they could be having. More often than not, the root cause of these concerns will be data quality based.

So how are ITSM challenges linked to data?

  • ITSM covers activities that are performed by an organisation to plan, design, deliver, operate and control IT services offered to other departments. They are usually the central ‘go to’ point for queries. There is an expectation that this area will be able to provide the information being asked for.
  • Asset data fundamentally underpins multiple ITSM activities and decision-making actions but doesn’t fully determine the level of asset data management needed. If the data is either not accurate or unavailable, ITSM activities are often impacted. Such data is of little use in its raw format; held in the source repositories, it must be made to work for the organisation and provide intelligent information with supportive reporting.
  • There is fundamentally a reliance on accurate, comprehensive asset data to achieve this. Where data is captured and stored there must be adequate processes in place to ensure it is correct. A regular activity of data reconciliation and cleaning should be in place to keep errors to a minimum.

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