Often representing >50% of overall annual licence spend, highly expensive ‘specialist’ software is used by many organisations, particularly those in the financial, engineering, manufacturing and design industries.

Expensive core business staff are often denied access to critical software due to unavailability of metered concurrent software licences, this causes real business impact on cost and delay.

The ITAMS_LM service is designed to help you address these challenges, reduce costs and effectively manage the use of this software:
  • Gain control over the usage of expensive ‘specialist’ software applications
  • Gain full visibility of what licences you own, where they are, if they’re being used or can be redistributed
  • Gain maximum leverage of the licences you own using a global licence pool
  • Reduce key employees being denied access to vital concurrent use software
  • Balance licence cost against ease of access; proactively choose the Quality of Service level required
  • Save on licensing and support costs by paying only for what you use and require
  • Consolidate Procurement by leveraging volume & ‘best shore’ purchase potential to reduce costs
  • Decision support; licensing or concurrent use access event and trend information

For further insight into the challenges, the benefits and the ITAMS_LM solution, please download the following service overview:


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