Deployment of a global Licensing Serviceline and subsequent delivery of on-going large scale SAM managed services.

This engagement included initial specialist licence management solution consulting for the client’s global architecture team. This led to a major licence management project for central IT global operations, to deploy a global licensing serviceline and then the subsequent delivery of on-going large scale SAM managed services.

Initial work comprised putting together a business case and approach, service design and establishing a peer Licensing Advisory Group across the business. The design covered the bulk of the organisation’s software assets and annual licensing and maintenance spend, starting with the top vendors in scope. This transitioned to a project phase, facilitating tools selection, delivering organisation design, tools deployment, configuration, integration and producing/communicating global SAM standards and operating practices.

The project then continued by helping the client to on-board all key vendors, with added responsibility for establishing an Effective Licence Position (ELP) for these vendors.

Once complete core services were delivered on a BAU (Business as Usual) basis with the aid of four permanent client staff in management roles and extended teams within the client’s business units. Responsibilities covered day to day licence operations, technical and data services and an on-going onboarding facility for new vendors.