Finally, there is an easy solution to this problem.

ITAMS have developed in-house technology to process any volume of LMS script outputs quickly and cost-effectively into a human-readable demand statement.

We maintain this technology to enable the interpretation of all versions of the Review Lite scripts. The solution is low cost, highly secure and completely confidential.

You can use this capability on a one-off basis as a service or extend the service to run regular reports from new datasets on an ongoing basis.

This means that you will know in advance what information Oracle has to work with in preparing their audit position.

If you execute Oracle LMS Scripts on an ongoing basis as part of the service, you can:

a) use Oracle’s own audit process again and again to monitor your demand position, without Oracle involvement, in the leadup to contract renewals;

b) react quickly with highly accurate data in future audit situations;

c) spot and remediate deployment errors where option packs have been left on or where servers have been deployed on inappropriate infrastructure;

d) produce trending information about your Oracle estate, predicting demand.

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