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ITAMS_SaaS Management Service

The very reasons that make SaaS attractive conversely are the areas that give rise to the biggest concerns. It is these that will cause uncontrolled costs.

High Value Named & Concurrent User Software Licence Optimisation

Engineering or financial applications often represent >50% of overall annual licence spend where specialist software is used.

The Next Generation of SAM Technology

Explore a new player in the SAM technology market, positioning themselves as the next generation of software asset management technology.

Data Quality Reporting & its Relationship to Cost Savings

This overview looks at the problem with IT Asset Data Quality and how it can have major cost and risk implications for your organisation.

IT Asset Data Quality

Written by ITAMS’ consultants, this three-part series of whitepapers looks at IT Asset Data Quality and its impact on organisations.

Data Hub Service

Overview – by ITAMS. Statistically, companies have around only 60% data accuracy. This can result in substantial risk and potentially additional costs…

GEAR 1 – Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service

Overview – by ITAMS. In audit and contract renewal situations, Oracle regularly requires the deployment of their ‘LMS Review Lite scripts’…

Part 3: How do you Improve Data Quality?

Improve data by taking a number of key sources, such as Discovery, CMDB, SCCM, AD, AV, ITAM and reconcile them together.

Part 2: What are the Benefits of Improving Data Quality?

Individual functions will benefit if their source data is of a high quality. However, the most compelling opportunities are when sources are combined…

Part 1: What is the Problem with Data Quality?

Procurement, IT Operations and Finance teams often struggle with ITAM data quality issues and yet find it difficult to articulate the often very substantial impacts…

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