IT & Software Asset Management Advisory & Managed Services


  • A continuous learning environment and a chance for you to grow and realise your full potential
  • Share the success of the company through equity options and bonus schemes
  • Join us in an exciting period of the company’s expansion
  • Work with some of the biggest and brightest end-user names in the business


  • Self-motivated and a dedicated work ethos
  • Ability to work alone or as part of a team to tight deadlines
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong communication and organisational skills
  • Ability to learn quickly, integrate and apply new processes and methodologies to their own way of working and manage their own development
  • Ability to interact confidently and effectively at all levels of the organisation


Licensing Analyst

The Licensing Analyst will be responsible for delivering licence services for software and IT asset management to our range of international customers, in accordance with agreed business and personal development plans.


Senior SAM Consultant

Our consultants are able to work independently (and as part of a team) to deliver high quality consulting and reports to senior executives and board level stakeholders aligned with ITAMS’ internal IP and best practice methodology.

Associate programme

For more information on ITAMS Associate Programme or ITAMS Partnership Programme please contact us on 0370 4050508 or: Open Contact Form

What is it?

The ITAMS non-exclusive associate programme is an invite only partnership model which is offered to professional contractors who have strong, trusted experience in the IT/software asset management and/or licence management domains.

This non-exclusive arrangement offers a pre-agreed rate table and referral fees, though the rates are not as high as for the exclusive associate programme.

The agreement allows us to jointly sell through more than your time and generates referral fees to you for this. It provides a variety of very tangible benefits to you and means that ITAMS increases its delivery capability in a flexible way, providing value back to us.


  •  Non-exclusive Associates are used in preference to contractors;
  •  Referral fees; get incremental income by leveraging ITAMS staff and tools;
  •  Access to the ITAMS community; colleagues and knowledgebase;
  •  ITAMS resourcer working for you on a Tier 3 basis;
  •  Yearly renewable mutually exclusive associate agreement;
  •  Pre-agreed rate table to ITAMS if ITAMS sources the work;
  •  Repeat work for you with ITAMS clients;
  •  Opportunities to move easily into the ITAMS Partnership Programme.
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