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Licensing in the Cloud and Shadow IT

With the market dynamics changing quite drastically, cloud delivered / SaaS Software Asset Management is becoming increasingly more important.

Concurrent Licensing –
Engineering Software Optimisation
and Contract Renegotiation

There are several areas that must be managed well in order to control concurrent licence costs, optimise their use and gather information to carry out a positive, successful contract renegotiation.

SaaS – Controlling & Optimising Costs

The very reasons that make SaaS attractive conversely are the areas that give rise to the biggest concerns. It is these that will cause uncontrolled costs.

SaaS – Challenges & Benefits

SaaS seems like the perfect solution and is ultimately the way that the industry is going; and is growing rapidly.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, also known as On Demand Software. It is a software distributed model where a provider hosts applications…

Concurrent Licensing – Controlling & Optimising Costs

There are several areas that must be managed well in order to control concurrent licence costs. Cost management will come from understanding the entire estate requirements…

Concurrent Licensing – Challenges & Benefits

Concurrent licensing is used for software applications that are highly specialised, particularly those in the financial, engineering/manufacturing and design industries.

What is Concurrent Licensing?

Software can be licensed in many different ways. Concurrent licensing is based upon a number of simultaneous users that will have access to the software at any one time.

Technical Health Check:
How healthy is your SAM environment?

Would you like to assure yourself and your organisation that the information you are getting from your SAM tool is based on the correct inventory data and data sources?

Oracle Licensing Challenge

With Oracle’s complex and constantly changing licence rules, it can be hard to have complete confidence in your compliance status.

IT Service Management (ITSM) Challenges

There are many challenges/issues commonly faced within ITSM. More often than not, the root cause of these concerns will be data quality based…

Let’s talk about Opensource, Freeware and Trialware

A common misconception by employees is that Opensource, Freeware and Trialware can be freely downloaded into the corporate environment…

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