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ITAMS' Associate Programme

ITAMS' Associate Programme is a formal partnership offered only to professional contractors with trusted experience in IT & Software Asset Management and/or Licence Management.

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“One of the most experienced teams in the UK…

… highly experienced with a pragmatic approach to solving problems”

The ITAMS consulting team is independent, specialised, highly experienced with a pragmatic approach to solving problems. Our mantra is “Real World Problems. Real World Solutions.”

Solutions to Suit You

ITAMS’ services and solutions aim to complement your existing in-house skills and investments to remove the painstaking job of effectively managing IT assets. Our key strength is helping our clients get a practical solution to their IT & software asset and software licence management issues in a cost and time effective way and which fits their priorities as tightly as possible. 

Whether you need help onsite or in the form of a managed service we are here to assist and help you fully optimise your individual requirements. Please be assured that all our client engagements and services are provided in complete confidence.

Highly Skilled Team of Experts

ITAMS brings access to one of the largest and deepest resource pools in the IT & Software Asset Management / Licence Management niche market in the UK, through working with a diverse range of clients and environments. 

We have an unrivalled staff pool comprising permanent staff, associates and a strong network of specialist contractors and partners that complement our own in-house consulting team. 

Our acquisition of CRC in 2011 and Liken in 2013 has greatly increased our pool of consultants in our rapidly expanding team of experts.

Our Approach

Our initial engagement with you will be an assessment of your requirements to help build a realistic, effective and achievable framework, taking into consideration the unique constraints of your organisation, existing tools and capabilities and if required the best-fit technology available on the market to resolve the problem. 

Furthermore unlike other consulting companies ITAMS does not supply volume software, meaning our clients licensing situation is kept entirely confidential from regulators, software resellers and vendors.

Well Versed & Informed

In addition to our existing consulting capabilities, we are also intimately aware of the practices of organisations such as FAST (Federation Against Software Theft), BSA (Business Software Alliance), the various major software vendors and their approach to managing IT/software assets and licences, including good knowledge of the Microsoft LSP (Licensing Solution Providers) channel and the audit services delivered by Microsoft Audit Partners.

ITAMS has an excellent understanding and working knowledge of the ISO19770 and ITIL standards which we integrate into many of the projects we undertake to ensure they are a success from the onset.

So if you need an impartial partner that understands how to address issues regarding the management of IT & software assets and software licences or you need a solutions architect or advisor why not contact us?
ITAMS can help and you will not be disappointed.