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In this issue: Benchmark your SAM position for Software Audits & Renegotiations,
Gap Analysis Service, Software Harvesting, Licensing Advice, training & more!

Benchmark your SAM position for Software Audits & Renegotiations

To help you take control of your organisation’s licensing estate, get audit ready and be better informed for any future software renegotiations, we have created a guide on how to ‘Benchmark your SAM Position for Software Audits & Renegotiations’.

The guide is complimentary and sets out the foundations for successful SAM, offers helpful advice on which key software vendors to focus on and provides a step-by-step checklist of activities to build an ELP & Software Audit Report.


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Gap Analysis Service

If you are establishing a new SAM (Software Asset Management) function, reviewing your current SAM programme or just trying to keep abreast of new licensing developments, how do you know which services and resources you have are fit for purpose and which additional ones you need?

The Gap Analysis Service is a good place to start!
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Software Harvesting -
Optimise the Value and Reduce the Costs of Software

Did you know you can save up to 30% of your software budget by harvesting?

Find out how you can maximise the value of software within your organisation and reduce additional software costs.

Our latest blog explores the key considerations and benefits of software harvesting.


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Recycling or substituting licences to reduce costs?

Licence Optimisation Advisory

This advisory aims to optimise ELPs for top vendors. It reviews ELPs generated and seeks to improve data quality and accuracy of the ELP report. Licence recycling/substitution and maintenance termination opportunities are also identified to increase the licence utilisation ratio and reduce costs.

Licence Strategy Advisory

Having the right licence entitlement will ensure you mitigate potential risk and reduce over spending on licences that are not required by the business. This advisory will help you align licensing strategy to IT and business growth strategy for long term business return.


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Licensing Advice

Licensing Advice is an easy to use help-desk for any end-user organisation struggling to find the right information regarding their key software challenges.
ITAMS consultants will be at hand to provide help and knowledge on a rage of software licensing challenges. These include general advice and help with:

•   software licensing types by publisher

•   models and programmes

•   licensing metrics

•   best practice guidance for licence management

•   onboarding software from different publishers

•   software audits, ELPs, etc.

By taking advantage of a Licensing Hub Member subscription you not only gain access to Licensing Advice but also to our Member Knowledge Base and Forum containing key software licensing information on major publishers such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.


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Training Courses

Licensing Essentials for

•   22 - 23 March, 2017

Licensing Essentials for


•   16 - 17 March, 2017

•   08 - 09 June, 2017

Licensing Essentials for

 •   24 February, 2017

Certified Software Asset Manager

•   17 - 18 November, 2016
- Fully Booked
•   30 - 01 December, 2016
•   22 - 23 February, 2017

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional

•   25 - 26 January, 2017

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Onsite Training

We are able to offer all training courses at client locations for large groups of 5 or more delegates.

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