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In this issue: Our latest guide 'Appointing & Managing a SAM Service Provider',

'What is an ELP', ELP Services, 'The Core Components of SAM', blogs, training & more!

Appointing & Managing a SAM Service Provider

Written by ITAMS’ consultants, this three-part mini-guide provides valuable knowledge on appointing and managing the relationship with a Software Asset Management (SAM) Service Provider.

The following topics are covered:

•  Part 1: Why do I need a SAM Service Provider?
•  Part 2: SAM Service Providers – Choosing the right one.
•  Part 3: Managing the Relationship with your SAM Service
   Provider Checklist.

The guide is particularly useful to new IT/SAM and IT procurement professionals or those individuals involved in dealing with Service Providers and offers valuable best practice tips and guidance.

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What is an ELP?

ELP stands for Effective Licence Position and is related to a specific software vendor or product.

Being able to create an ELP is fundamental to keeping on top of your product compliance for audit defence and to support ongoing SAM activities such as optimisation and cost control.

This blog looks at the 3 main steps of an ELP.


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ELP Services


ITAMS has several dedicated services to assist you in generating an ELP.

These include the following:
•  Validated Compliance Report (Audit Preparation)
•  Basic Compliance Report (Internal Assessment)
•  Proof of Entitlement (POET) Methodology
Visit Licensing Hub to find out more about these and other licensing services offered by ITAMS.

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The Core Components of SAM

Many organisations believe that a SAM Tool will solve all their SAM issues.

However, this is not the case.

For your organisation to be successful in SAM, the following five components of SAM are all key and should be considered carefully as part of your SAM programme.

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Key Points to Consider When Looking for a SAM Service Provider

Many of our customers have a relationship with one or several SAM Service Providers to help with different parts of a SAM solution or to design and manage the entire solution, but it is often the case that the chosen provider(s) do not have the right capabilities to suit their requirements.

You must ensure that the Service Provider’s capabilities align to your requirements and that you do not compromise on the service you need.

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Training Courses

Licensing Essentials for

•   23 - 24 March, 2017

Licensing Essentials for

•   08 - 09 June, 2017

Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM)

•   30 - 31 March, 2017

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP)

•   4 - 5 May, 2017

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Onsite Training

We are able to offer all training courses at client locations for large groups of 5 or more delegates.

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Benchmark your SAM position for Software Audits & Renegotiations

To help you take control of your organisation’s licensing estate, get audit ready and be better informed for any future software renegotiations, we have created a guide on how to ‘Benchmark your SAM Position for Software Audits & Renegotiations’.

The guide is complimentary and sets out the foundations for successful SAM, offers helpful advice on which key software vendors to focus on and provides a step-by-step checklist of activities to build an ELP & Software Audit Report.


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Gap Analysis Service

If you are establishing a new Software Asset Management function, reviewing your current SAM programme or just trying to keep abreast of new licensing developments, how do you know which services and resources you have are fit for purpose and which additional ones you need?

The Gap Analysis Service is a good place to start!
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