October 2018 Edition

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In this issue: Licensing in the Cloud and Shadow IT, Software as a Service (SaaS) and our latest training dates!

SaaS Management - Service Overview

SaaS seems like the perfect solution and is growing rapidly. It is ultimately the way that the industry is going.


The very reasons that make SaaS attractive conversely are the areas that give rise to the biggest concerns. It is these that will cause uncontrolled costs.


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Our latest series of blogs explore SaaS; what it is - a brief overview, the challenges and benefits and how to control costs.

What is SaaS?

38% of companies are now running almost entirely on SaaS.


Part 1 of this series of blogs provides a brief overview on SaaS.

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SaaS - Challenges & Benefits

There are multiple advantages of using SaaS, revolving round convenience and reducing the effort for the end client.

Part 2 of this series of blogs explores some of the challenges and benefits of SaaS, as well as providing our recommendations.

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SaaS - Controlling &
Optimising Costs


There are several areas that must be managed well in order to control SaaS costs.

The final part of this series of blogs explores how organisations can control and optimise costs.


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Licensing in the Cloud & Shadow IT


With the market dynamics changing quite drastically, cloud delivered / SaaS Software Asset Management is becoming increasingly more important.

Find out what can be done to address the challenges.


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Training Courses

Licensing Essentials for

Microsoft ®

  •   21 - 22 November, 2018

IAITAM Accredited Training


Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM)

  •    07 - 08 November, 2018

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Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP)

  •    05 - 06 December, 2018

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Onsite Training

We are able to offer all training courses at client locations for large groups of 5 or more delegates.

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