November 2017 Edition

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In this issue: Introducing GEAR 1 - Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service, Audits, Data Quality, Opensource, Freeware & Trialware blogs, new training dates & more!


Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service


In audit and contract renewal situations Oracle regularly requires the deployment of their 'LMS Review Lite scripts' for Oracle Database servers.

We’ve just released our GEAR 1 service to help translate the Review Lite Script outputs into easy to read reports. The service is low cost, highly secure and completely confidential.


The process is fast, efficient and produces higher quality data by removing the risk of human error. It cuts the cost and time associated with manual analysis.


The resulting report produced is easy to understand, allowing you to take any necessary corrective actions before submission to Oracle where contract terms allow this.


It empowers you in an Oracle audit or renewal process by giving you complete confidence in the level of demand you have and what you are providing to Oracle.

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Are you prepared to face a software licensing audit?


ITAMS can help you take control before a software publisher comes knocking, we are also there to support you during an active audit situation.

Our Audit Defence Advisory offers two types of services to those clients facing a software publisher audit:

•   Forensic Analysis (ELP) - Managing Audit Risk and Minimising Data and Financial Exposure

•   Settlement Negotiations

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Let's talk about Opensource, Freeware and Trialware


One of the many key process areas for the Software Asset Manager is Software Acquisition.

A common misconception by employees, is that Opensource, Freeware and Trialware can be freely downloaded (where user has admin rights) into the corporate environment as and when an employee sees fit, as it does not require a cost to the company to do so.

So there’s no issue right?

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The Importance of Managing Data Quality Effectively in IT Asset Management

Let’s face it, there are many challenges and hurdles to jump over when it comes to setting up, maintaining and maturing the IT Asset Management (ITAM) service within an organisation.

What causes the biggest issue? Is it the lack of resources, processes, policies or centralised technology?


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IT Asset Data Reconciliation Service

Data Hub aims to provide true IT value to your organisation by optimising the accuracy of your IT asset data.

Statistically, companies have around only 60% data accuracy. This can result in substantial risk and potentially additional costs to your organisation, especially when key decisions are being made from inaccurate data.

Find out more about the issues around IT Asset Data Quality and how Data Hub can improve the accuracy of your asset data.


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Training Courses

Licensing Essentials for

•   23 - 24 November, 2017 - Limited Spaces!
•   14 - 15 March, 2018

Advanced Licensing for 

•   21 - 22 March, 2018

Licensing Essentials for

•   18 - 19 January, 2018

Licensing Essentials for

•   17 May, 2018

Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM)

•   16 - 17 November, 2017 - Fully Booked!
•   22 - 23 February, 2018 

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP)

•   01 - 02 February, 2018

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Onsite Training

We are able to offer all training courses at client locations for large groups of 5 or more delegates.

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