December 2017 Edition

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In this issue: Oracle Licensing Challenge, Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service, ITSM Challenges, IT Asset Data Reconciliation Service, 20% off training & more!

Oracle Licensing Challenge


With Oracle’s complex and constantly changing licence rules, as well as, the difficulty of discovering Oracle databases / middleware deployed on the network and Datacentres, it can be hard to have complete confidence in your compliance status.


This is heightened if Oracle announces an audit.


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Oracle Licensing Demand Assessment Service

In audit and contract renewal situations, Oracle regularly requires the deployment of their ‘LMS Review Lite scripts’ for Oracle Database servers.

ITAMS' experts have developed GEAR 1 - a new service powered by an underlying technology, specially developed to translate Oracle Database Review Lite script outputs into easy to read reports. Other options exist for other Oracle product families.


Find out more about the challenges around Oracle LMS Scripts and our GEAR 1 solution:

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IT Service Management (ITSM) Challenges

There are many challenges / issues
commonly faced within ITSM.

Some of these may not even seem to be a problem until you can see the impact they could be having. More often than not, the root cause of these concerns will be data quality based.

So how are ITSM challenges linked to data?


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IT Asset Data Reconciliation Service

Data Hub aims to provide true IT value to your organisation by optimising the accuracy of your IT asset data.

Statistically, companies have around only 60% data accuracy. This can result in substantial risk and potentially additional costs to your organisation, especially when key decisions are being made from inaccurate data.

Find out more about the issues around IT Asset Data Quality and how Data Hub can improve the accuracy of your asset data.


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